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Publications and Exhibits


The epic story of James Hubbell’s international art project that has built community and understanding around the Pacific.


Art by James Hubbell, Written by Rebecca Morales



In Plain Sight

Currated by Rebecca H. Morales Ph.D. and Natasha Bonilla Eckholm. Exhibited at the La Jolla Historical Society February 10 through May 20, 2018


Stealing Cars: Technology and Society from the Model T to the Gran Torino


Stealing Cars follows along the lines of contemporary scholars who emphasize history from the bottom up, yet who also focus on the importance of government and culture in mediating the relationship between technology and society.


Academic/Professional Publications


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"Morales is a rare scholar who combines diligent empirical research with fresh theoretical insight and a crisp, lucid writing style."

-Prof. Zoltan J. Acs, University of Baltimore

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