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Art and Poetry

by Rebecca Morales


Buzzy's Love Nest


Meet Buzzard


Heavy Burdens

Make me a lighthouse

For souls in distress

A beacon beckoning those with heavy burdens

During stormy nights


Keep me rock solid

As waves of chaos crash around us

Let light guide the weary through rough waters

To a safe harbor


Remind us that even this tumult will pass

The churning ocean will recede

Washing away pain

Leaving peace and calm

In its wake



I look to the East and see what has past

The pain and pleasure

The lessons learned

The foundation


I look to the North and see the guidepost

The North Star

The compass that steers my course


I look to the South and see the unexpected

The different

The other that alters my life


I look to the West and see what is to come

A vast, rich tapestry 

Of all that was, is and will be


And my heart gives thanks


New Year



Whack! Whack! Whack!

A heavy wooden mallet pulverizes hot, sticky rice

Piled onto a massive stone.

Rice and water spray in all directions

Little white rockets that turn into glue.

A hand furiously shapes the rice while trying not to be hit.

The dance between pounder and shaper intensifies

Until the rice develops into a smooth, round, gelatinous ball

That holds the fears, transgressions, and failures of the past year.

The transformed rice ball sits upon a shrine to harden

Becoming a mirror to reflect on yesterday’s what ifs

What could I have done better?

How could I have been more appreciative?

Who have I offended?

The list continues until exhausted.

Then, at just the right time,

The mirror is broken, smashed open with a wooden hammer

Releasing the past, like doves flying toward heaven

Bringing in the energy of the New Year

That fills renewed spirits with hope

And the promise of good luck, health and prosperity.

Happy New Year!

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The Pulse of Life


At the break of day

A silent peace

Wraps my body

Stillness calms my mind

I feel the pulse of life


With closed eyes, I breathe in

My heart beats softly

It speaks to me


Unshackle the restraints

A heart unopened is a heart unloved


Bathed in iris, azure, and emerald

Dark shells break away

Old hurts that had solidified into behaviors and

Settle in my muscles 



I breathe again

My heart pounds with more resolve


Let it go

A heart unloved is incapable of loving


A warm flood courses through my sinews

My lungs expel long, deep breaths

Releasing all that is tight

Fresh air fills my limbs


Washed in a white light

My heart’s rhythm asserts 


Be grateful

A sharing heart is love

Your heartbeat is a gift


For every loss there is an upside

With every obstacle an opportunity to spread goodwill


Gentle yet strong heart of my life

Yours will be the last spark

The final contraction

The terminal expression of being

That I will feel

Before I return 

To the abyss


My heart 

Beat a journey 

Of joyous harmony

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